Sale Information
Annual Sales:
Sales are held twice a year with a spring sale the last weekend of April and a fall sale the last weekend of September. We specialize in draft horses and mules, but all types of equine are welcome.

No Equipment, Tack or Collectibles selling at the Fall, 2023 Sale  

Horses sell on Saturday beginning at 9:00 a.m. Check-in begins on the Friday before at 12:00 Noon.    
Order of Sale: 
  • Studs and Jacks
  • Colts
  • Registered Draft Horses
  • Grade Draft Horses and Mules
  • Riding Mules - must ride into ring
  • All Other Stock - in order consigned at barn
Registered stock must have transfers signed and filled out properly when horse is brought into the ring. If a registered mare is in foal, transfer papers are to be signed on the mare and breeding certificate filled out when the horse is brought into the ring. Registration papers are to be in the Seller's name or the horse(s) will be sold in the grade category. Management will not be responsible for information and papers not with registered stock.

Seller’s Fees:
  • $25.00 Minimum / $25 Pass Outs
  • 7% over $350.00
  • $5/head/day Yardage - hay included
  • Veterinarian Inspection fee $1/head
  • Coggins test $25/head if needed.

All horses must have individual Coggins test dated within the last 12 months. A vet will test all horses if current test papers do not accompany the horse - slaughter horses included.  The fee is $20. Coggins papers are available day of sale. No photo copy of a Coggins test paper will be accepted.All horses checked in are to go through the sale ring –NO TRADING IN ALLEY PLEASE.

Buyer's Information:
Purchaser of items and/or horses are expected to provide a photo ID or other form of document to verify identity to obtain a bidder number.

Terms of Sale:  Cash, certified check, personal check with proper bank references.  Canadian personal checks are not accepted, so please make other necessary arrangements.  All items sold AS IS on day of sale.  Buyer owns item(s) and/or horse(s) and assumes full responsibility once sold. 

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Calendar of Upcoming Sales

Spring:                        Fall 
                                     September 24 2022
For more information or to consign your horses or equipment, contact Richard Baumli (660) 652-4454 Home (660) 582-9891 Cell

or  Email: