Fall sale date Saturday, September 24th only.  
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To consign your livestock or equipment, email rdbaumli@gmail.com or contact Richard at 
660-652-4454 or 660-582-9891

7 & 8 Yr Registered Black Percheron Mares;  not broke; Running with Stud.  

4 Yr Registered Percheron Stud 17H

Yearling Registered Percheron 

Registered Weanling Percheron Colts - March.  

5 - Percheron Draft Colts - 3 Fillies and 2 Horse Colts

8 Draft Horse Mule Colts
2 Draft Mare Mule Colts
3 Brabant Horse Colts - 1 Bay Roan, 2 Light Blond

Elkview Reg. Percheron  Colts 8 Fillys, 1 Horse Colt (Pix below descriptions):

Elkview Jewel 22 - Filly, black w/long star. Sire: Silver Oaks Lu's Rebel back to Daleview Luther; Mare: Elkview Jewel 13 back to Valley Creek Darrell

Elkview Vanna 22 - Filly, black w/irregular star - Sire: Garland Farm's Avenger back to Windermere's Just Incredible; Dam - Elkview Ruby 17 back to Pleasant View King

Elkview Ashton 22 - Filly, black; Sire: Garland Farm's Avenger; Mare: Elkview Kylie 18 back to Silver Oaks Lu's Rebel

Elkview Melody 22 - Filly Grey w/large star.  Sire: Silver oaks Liberty's Evan 08 back to Blue Ribbon Farms Liberty Garth; Mare: Elkview Farran 09 back to Valley Creek Darrell

​Elkview Jane 22 - Filly - black w/few with hairs

Elkview Skyla 22 - Filly - black w/star. Sire: Silver Oaks Lu's Rebel back to Daleview Luther; Mare: Elkview Janna 15 back to Pleasant View King

Country Side Tracie 22 - Filly, black w/few white hairs. Sire: Silver Oaks Lu's rebel back to Daleview Luther; Mare: Couthry Side Mitzie 17 back to Robinlawn's black Ice

Elkview Avenger 22 - Horse, black w/star

Elkview Cleo 22 - Filly, Grey w/irregular star. Sire: Garland Farm's Avenger; Mare: - Elkview Chloe 16 back to Robinlawn's Black Ice

Baumli Draft Horse & Mule Sale
Smooth Mouth Registered Belgian Geldings. 7/8 Brothers.   Used to plow & disc., Pumpkin Patch rides, Christmas Tree farm rides; both go single or double. Traffic safe and quiet.

​2 Smooth mouth Qtr Mares; 1 Red Roan, 1 Dark Bay; Been exposed to the Jack; Mule Colts weaned from Mares selling too.

12 Yr White w/Grey Mane Pony mare; bred back to black Pony stud; 40" high.1 Mo Black Stud Colt
Small Black Stud Pony Stud - 3 yrs 
Black/White Stud Pony - 5 Yrs; Both studs are green. 

14 yr Dark Bay Mare Mule - 52"; Coon hunt, Jumps, Good all around Mule.

Herd Reduction - 6 Percheron Mares, 3 are Registered 13-14 Yrs Old.  
1 Belgian Mare

Pr 14 Yr Bay Mares - 1/2 Sisters, 17H.  Broke to all farm machinery, not used in last two years. 

2 Yr Light Bay Belgian Stud out of Blue Roan Stud and Red Roan Mare

3 yr Blue Roan Belgian Filly out of Blue Roan Mare and Stud

1 Yr Filly Blue Roan Belgian Filly
1 yr Blue Roan Belgian Stud; Both out of Blue Roan Mare and Stud

10 yr Paint Gelding. True Overo Paint with very Unigue Markings on both sides. Bay/White with Black legs & 4 White Stockings.   14H.  Easy Mount/dismount and green broke.  Really beautiful horse. 

.6 Yr Dun Qtr Gelding - 1/2 brother to Dun Mare below

6 Yr Dun Qtr Mare.  Gentle but will get up and go

2 Yr Black/White Gelding; 30 Days riding by Suede Sanders, Elmo, MO.  15.2H

6 Yr Black/White Stud 15H.  Gentle but green

Yearling Black/White Stud Colt

​Pr of Black/White Weanlings - Filly and Stud Colts

14 Yr Sorrel Mare 14.2H Bread to Black/White Stud listed above.  Trail ride 

14 Yr Sorrel Gelding 14.3H Trail riding - lots of miles 
114 Yr Bay Mare 14.2H  Very broke, lots of miles Trail riding

Registered Qtr Gelding 16.2H; Grandson of Sunny Dee Bar & Zippo Pine Bar; Broke the best.